Personal coaching



get some expert insight on what service might best suit you.
The only way to know if something will work for you is to give it a try.

Start with an initial consult to see how coaching can help you with the ups and downs of love and life .

Coaching for individuals is available globally via phone and Skype. In person can be arranged if required.

Some or the areas I can help with are:

  • Creating a more fulfilling work/life balance.
  • Revamping strategies for diet, fitness, & stress management style.
  • Developing more effective communication styles.
  • Learning to engage in life with more passion and optimism.
  • Redefining what you need most in a partner to build a future relationship filled with passion, intimacy, and playfulness. 

Coaching for individuals includes the following packages:

  • 30 – minute phone or Skype session. (*multi-session packages are available)
  • 60 – minute in-person session. (*multi-session packages are available)
  • Packages of 3, 6, and 9 sessions are available at a discounted rate for ongoing clients.
  • 1 month all inclusive packages.
  • A follow-up email after each session to answer any lingering questions.

You are ready !

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“I admire your dedication to me and I deeply appreciate your hard efforts and patience. This has been the best investment not only in money, but in time I have ever made. Thanks so much for your awesome inspiration.”

Neily Larsson

Marketing Expert