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Keynotes and workshops designed to initiate lasting change.

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 A good keynote speaker will leave an audience with methods by which to incorporate the messages into their personal or business lives. Quite often, the messages can be personalized simply by leaving the audience with two to three questions that they have to answer for themselves. In this case, each individual can find a personalized mode of action as they answer the questions in their own context.

  • Are you ready to take the first step towards making that lasting change in your life or career?
  • Looking for a clear and concise speaker with compelling action plans designed to initiate that change?
  • Do you have to have a goal or a specific issue you want to address?

Frank Knight delivers a variety of keynotes and workshops designed to pinpoint the challenges or frustrations keeping you stuck and overwhelmed. The only prerequisite is a desire to feel better and get some clarity in your life or career.

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Clients say…

“I want to start by telling you that you have to be a very dedicated person with a full driving force to present in detail the program that you did. It was a great session and beautifully presented. Again, thank you for your advice and patience, you have my undying respect.”

Andrea Bishop

Chief of Marketing